Rhinofiller : a new technique to improve the nose shape

Some small defects in the nasal pyramid can now be corrected by infiltrating hyaluronic acid. This method is absolutely not intended for surgery and is not always usable, but in some selected cases it can obtain the result of softening the features, if the defect is very pronounced. The rhinofiller can also correct small residual defects from rhinoplasty or defects so limited as to make the recourse to surgery excessive. The patient in the photo has a severe post-traumatic septal deviation and the indication for a septoplasty is also given by functional problems, but the softening of the features with the filler can, while waiting to undergo surgery, improve only from the tip from an aesthetic point of view one’s appearance and also the acceptance of one’s body.

A limitation of the method is the fact that the filler is reabsorbable, therefore after a certain period of time the treatment must be repeated, but this problem can be limited by using products with very slow resorption.

The fact that the nose is an immobile structure means that the implant is not stimulated much and lasts longer. In addition, in my experience I have found that a certain percentage of the hyaluronic acid used is not reabsorbed at all but becomes structural. It is not impossible that after many treatments it happens that it is no longer necessary to repeat them.