A ‘light’ surgery to improve the shape of the breast.

Breast Lipofilling is a well-established surgical technique. As well as a method to increase the volume of the breast, an operation for which the availability of autologous fat is unfortunately often limited, this technique allows avoiding the implantation of prostheses when the breast only needs to be lifted or allows to quitting the implants to patients who had breast augmentation surgery many years ago and now need a mastopexy but do not want a new implant.
For not more young women a ‘light’ surgery is also workable, it is associated with a lipoaspiration that often also needs.
We suggest this solution, that we call ‘breast tuning lipostructure’ to women who want to improve but not change the appearance of their breasts and also want neither prostheses nor scars.

The intervention involves three phases. The first is to practice a mastopexy with the ‘round block’ technique, which leaves no visible scars and allows the nipple to be lifted up also for three cm. The second involves lipoaspiration at the level of the hips and abdomen, or at the level of the thighs as needed. The third consists in implanting the fat taken into the the breasts. The result is not as striking as that of a breast lift with prosthesis, it is a compromise result, suitable for those people who want to improve but prefer to keep their decision to undergo cosmetic surgery a secret. The cost depends on the extent of the associated lipospiration but obviously does not include that of the prostheses.